Ward Hill, MA  Ward Hill, MA


Auto Impound Soltutions has managed all my liens for over 15 years. They have been able to get me titles quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable price. They handle all aspects of the lien process and I couldn’t do it without them. Absolutely no headaches for me! I give them paperwork and they get me a title. No questions asked!!

Frank Coady
Coady’s Garage and Towing Service
Lawrence, Mass

Auto Impound Solutions has been an excellent resource for our company. I have used their services for over 14 years and have been able to get over 100 cars titled. They handle all aspects of the lien process. They are very professional and I would highly reccommend them for anyone in the towing business.

Gregory Leblanc
Waltham Auto Tow
Waltham, Mass

Auto Impound Solutions has been excellent for my business. I have been able to title and sell 100’s of vehichles in the last 14 years by using their services.

Bob Sheehan, Sheehan's Towing
Methuen, MA

We have used Auto Impound Solutions from the day they opened. They provide the fastest and best service. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We plan to use Auto Impound Solutions for many years to come.

Nathan Buckler
Bucklers Towing, Hyannis, MA

Auto Impound Solutions was very helpful in getting the title to my 1928 Ford. I was unable to track it down myself. Thanks.

Richard Knox
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